Fabio Salcina appointed Head of Department of Rights and Duties USA

Today, Fabio Salcina has been appointed Head of the new Department of Right and Duties – United States of America.

Salcina, founder of “Studio Legale Salcina” and currently resident in Las Vegas (Nevada) is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and delivers since years legal assistance to the various Italian citizens which are resident in the United States of America.

“During this reorganizational phase of MAIE North and Central America, I have decided to create some ad-hoc departments which will specialize in topics of great interest for our compatriots who live in our territory jurisdiction. MAIE is a movement which was born, among other things, , with the aim of defending the rights of our compatriots abroad, but without forgetting that there must be the awareness that there are also duties” has declared Flavio Bellinato, Coordinator MAIE North and Central America.

“Fabio Salcina is the right man in the right place. This new Department needs to be managed by a knower of the legal area.”, has added Bellinato.

“I am very satisfied with this new appointment. I share the battles of MAIE and from the beginning I will concentrate my efforts on some priorities for our compatriots in the United States, starting from the necessity of a more qualified and proactive honorary consular network, this considering the big distances which often divide those Italian citizens that reside far away from the consular offices”, declares the new Head of Department of Rights and Duties USA.

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